10 Solid Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Do you need a Professional Website Design for Your Business or Organization?

In the internet marketing world of today, If your business doesn’t have a website then, you are out of business. This is because the marketing world is innovating and you need to innovate your business as well.

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 solid reasons why your business needs a website. I am going to make this post very precise and straight to the point. I promise you, you will never get bored while reading this post. So, grab your favorite chilled drink, relax and digest this article.

First of all, let us use our immediate environment Nigeria as an example. You will agree with me that in the year 2005 only few Nigerians had access to the internet. This is because, most mobile phones used in Nigeria as at that time couldn’t access the internet. Also, at that time if an average Nigerian needed to do work any work with the internet they will have to visit a cybercafé. At that time having a website in Nigeria isn’t as valuable as now because, few people will access it.

But, in 2012, there were technological innovations which brought about the phones that can access the internet. In that same year, Jumia Nigeria saw the potential of this great innovation, they took advantage of it and launched their eCommerce store in 2012. And today, what is the result of this wise move by Jumia? Jumia is now the largest online shop in Nigeria with a worth of about $1 Billion USD.

In Nigeria today, about 98.39 million Nigerians have access to the internet, which is more than the half of the population of this nation. And, you too need to take advantage of this opportunity to create a website for your business.


Still not convinced, why your business needs a website? Here are 10 solid reasons:

1.     Increase In sales, Leads & Customers

A website will definitely increase your business sales and customers by connecting you with people who are searching for your products and services online. Also, when you have a website your customers can easily book tickets, buy products and services on your website without even knowing your physical store.

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2.     Increase in Brand Credibilty & Value

Generally, a business with a website looks more serious than other businesses that do not have. Additionally, your website increases your overall brand value and makes you stand out from the competition. It make your prospective customers loyal your business, they will believe your goods are of higher quality and that brings about the sale you are looking for.

3.     You Will Have UNLIMITED Professional Email Addresses

Businesses who use public email providers like yahoo.com or gmail.com looks unserious & unprofessional. Imagine if our support email address was “Dukewebs.support@gmail.com” instead of “Support@dukewebs.com” our clients will take us to be an unprofessional business. You can still use public email providers personally but not for your business!

Do you need a Professional Website Design for Your Business or Organization?

When you have a website, you can create UNLIMITED professional email addresses for your business without paying an extra dime.

4.     You Can Make Sales Even While You Sleep

Haha! Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing that your customers has made over 20 orders via your website and paid for it online, wouldn’t you be Joyful? Now, this is one powerful advantage a business or E-commerce website has over a physical store. A physical store can only be open during the day but, your website is open 24/7!

5.     Your Competitors Already have Business Websites

Look around you, and you find out that most of your successful competitors already have a website. And, in order to stack-up against the competition, you need a website. Your competitors who have a website are getting more customers online and growing their business, you too need to do the same.

6.     Your Business Will Be Found on Google

Do you know that about 81% of consumers perform a Google search before buying any product? And, more than 50% of them will buy that product online. For instance, an internet-savyy Nigerian who needs to buy a leather shoe will search for “Best leather shoes to buy in Nigeria”. And, if you are a shoe dealer and your business doesn’t have a website your chances of showing up for those searches is Zero.

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Another example, Let’s say you run a business that offers Courier delivery services and its located in Lagos. A prospective customer can search for “Best courier services in Lagos” and you will be nowhere to be found!

But if you have a website, you can optimize it for search engines and you will have a high chance of showing in search results and making sales. Some of the optimizations you have to make to your website is using these search terms in the right places on your website like title tags, meta descriptions and body of your content. This is called SEO(search engine optimisation).

7.     It Increases Your Brand Awareness

Having a website will immensely boost your brand awareness. When you create a website for your business with a unique logo, color and design, it makes you stand out from your competition. As time goes on, your customers will engage with your website and can easily recognize your business anywhere they see it, whether in newspapers, television, social media e.t.c. This is called branding and it makes your customers remain loyal to your business.

8.     It Increases Your Marketing Channels

Let me ask you a question now. If you decide to advertise your business on a high traffic forum like Nairaland or on social media platforms like facebook, are you going to send this traffic to your physical store? No! no! no! you will definitely have to send this people to your business website, this is where you will get customers and make sales.

Also, when you have a website you can leverage email marketing to make your customers recurring buyers. One of the biggest secrets of successful businesses is recurring buyers. Oh didn’t you know? Now you know!

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9.     Easily Showcase Your Products & Services

When you have a website for your business, your customers can easily see your latest products and services without visiting your physical store. Also, you can upload beautiful photos of your products with compelling descriptions and guidelines thereby giving your visitors no other choice but to buy from you.

Do you need a Professional Website Design for Your Business or Organization?

10.It Provides Social Proof

Online reviews about your business influences the buying decisions of your prospective customers. With a website, your previous customers can leave honest reviews about your products and, this immensely increases your website sales as time goes on.

These are many other reasons to create a website for your business but the above reasons are the most important.

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Do you need a Professional Website Design for Your Business or Organization?

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