Our Web Design Process

Learn about our web design process, know the drill. With the knowledge of our web design procedures, you will never be confused through out our web design period. 

There are basically 5 simple steps to getting your business online and here are they below:

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Step #1: Get Your Website Materials Ready

Step #2: Order Your Desired Website Design Package

Step #3: Register A Client Account

Step #4: Submit your website materials

Step #5: Website Planning, Designing, Testing and launching

Step #1: Get Your Website Materials Ready

Before getting started with designing your website you first of all have to get the following materials ready:

How to find a domain name

Incase, you don’t know what a domain name is, a domain name is the URL or link of your website, for example our domain name is dukewebs.com.

To find a domain name just make use of our domain name availability checker below:

If you are having a tough time finding an available domain use lean domain search.

To use lean domain search, just enter any keyword related to your business. For example I entered Dukewebs and here are the domain name ideas I have:

Finding a “.com.ng” or “.ng” domain name

If you tried any of the options above then, you will notice it doesn’t check .com.ng or .ng domains. To check .Com.ng or .Ng use qservers domain checker.

After finding your domain name please don’t buy it yet Just write it down somewhere cos all our plans have free domain name.

Getting your website images

We help all our clients find free high quality images related to their business on sites like pixabay, unsplash, wallpaperswide, google images and many others.

But believe me if you really want your business to be a big brand and stand out from your competitors then you need to submit your own pictures. Get a professional photographer to snap hi-res images of your products, buildings, facilities, vehicles and everything related to your business using cameras & drones.

Why are we saying this? Many web designers also get images from these sites and believe me, you won’t be happy to see images used on your site on your competitors sites. To be a big brand, you need to be unique!

Getting your content ready

Now, its time to get your content ready. This is actually easy than you think. Just write content about your business, your services, contact details and other vital details you want your website visitors to know about.

Step #2: Order Your Desired Website Design Package

After getting your website materials ready simply navigate to our pricing page and order for your desired package.

Here are some of our available website design packages:

Making payment

Our payment gateway is really easy to use. With our payment gateway you can conveniently make payments from the comfort of your bedroom using the following options:

  • Card payment
  • Bank transfer
  • GTB 737
  • Visa QR

See image below to learn more:

Generally, bank transfer is the easiest and less stressful.

Step #3: Register A Client Account

At this stage you will need to create a client account which will take you less than 2 minutes. When creating an account please endeavour to register with your correct details.

Here are some  awesome reasons to create a Dukewebs client account:

  • You will get Fast Support
  • Easily renew your website.
  • Our systems will automatically notify 3 times in 3 months before your website expires.
  • To maintain cordial relationship with us and also get to connect with other Dukewebs Clients.
  • We will work with you to achieve your business success.
  • Freebies.

Step #4: Submit your website materials

Now its time to submit your website materials that you obtained in step #1. Make use of our form to submit all your website materials without stress.

After submitting your website materials, one of our experts will contact you using the details you submitted in order to get some little details about your business before we move into designing your website.

Step #5: Website Planning, Designing, Testing and launching

At this point you really don’t have much to do. All the Job now rests on our shoulders.

We will proceed to strategising and planning your website functionalities & appearance following your requirements. After which we will start designing your website.

Testing your new website

After designing your website,  you will need to test your new website on mobile phones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers. At this point, it is your responsibility to fully test website for errors and if you find any don’t hesitate to alert us to get fixed. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

Launching your new website

After your website is fully established,  Go ahead and tell the world you now have an online presence! Tell all your customers both old & new.

Are you now ready to take your business to greater heights with a professional website design?

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