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How to make money online in Nigeria

In this article today, you will discover 10 proven ways to make money online here in Nigeria. In Nigeria today it is very important to learn online money making skills especially now that economy is crashing down daily and the rate of unemployment is on the increase.

I will be sharing with you practical ways to make money here in Nigeria, with case studies and success stories too. These are legit and pure money making techniques that has yielded a sustainable income for most Nigerians. You know a lot of Nigeria think its impossible to make clean money online, once they see a young man with a laptop the first thing that pops into their mind is “he is a yahoo boy!”.

Without wasting much time lets learn legit and practical ways to make money online here in Nigeria. Are you ready? LET’S GET STARTED!


Blogging is one of the best ways to make legit and sustainable income online in Nigeria. You must have heard about the likes of Linda ikeji of or of somto muonanu of who have become successful bloggers and have made a fortune blogging. Linda bought a luxury house in banana island lagos with the proceeds of her blogging income. In 2014, 19 Year old Somto muonanu CEO of popular gossipmill bought himself his dream car, A 9 million naira 2013 honda crosstour. Here is a link to this success story: click here to view. Blogging is a big business which you can start now and enjoy the advantages later. Need a beautiful blog? Contact us any day anytime and we will build one for you at a pocket-friendly price. Now you might be wondering what are ways to make money through blogging, is it not just writing and publishing posts? You can make money through the following ways:

Google adsense
Affiliate marketing
Selling advert spaces
Selling ebooks
Sell sponsored blog posts
Sell online courses
I will be explaining the above listed methods as we move on..


This is when you sell other companies products online in order to get a commission for sales made. Example of affiliate marketing programs include: Jumia affiliate programbluehost affiliate programhostgator affiliate program and many others! Now you might be asking how can I successfully make money through affiliate marketing? it is simple. Simply signup, get your affiliate link and them on facebook and various social media channels. Another effective way to make money in affiliate marketing is to create a relevant content around their products. For example “latest tecno phones” or “how to create a blog”. you can google these search terms and have yourself with a handful of results. All of these guys are affiliate marketing and believe me they make sustainable income! Let’s do the maths, for example bluehost pays you $65 when you refer a customer to buy web hosting from them and you happen to refer about 10 persons per month, bluehost will pay you $650 cash which is about N234,000 in Nigerian money. Another example: Jumia pays up to 12% commission on any sale you bring to them and you have happen to bring them about N1,000,000 sales monthly you will make about N120,000.


This is when google pays you to advertise on your blog. Whenever someone clicks on google advert on your site you get paid! There is no specific amount google will pay you for the clicks. Sometimes google pay as high $20 per click or as low as $0.01 per click. This is dependent on the quality of traffic your blog is getting and competitiveness of keywords you are ranking for.


When your blog is getting up to 10,000 monthly visitors you can start selling advertising spaces to companies and individuals.


This is one of the easiest ways of making money online. If you can write content that can solve specific society problems you sell this content online and sustainable income. Believe if your content can solve a specific society problem perfectly you will a lot of people begging you sell them you your content. For example “how rank google first page” “how to treat infertility” “how to create a paypal account in Nigeria for receiving payment” “how to increase joystick size by 3 inch in 7 days” e.t.c. You can make massive cash if you find a specific society problem and solve it perfectly. Click here to see examples.


You can create a membership website and sell exclusive content to you readers when they pay a specific price monthly.


If you already have some goods you sell offline you can massively increase your sales by selling them online. you create your own ecommerce store and start selling your products to interested customers online. Do you need a beautifully, fully functional ecommerce website with multiple payment gateways? You can contact us any day anytime to get your project started.


fiverr is the largest marketplace to buy services rendered by people. If you have a skill like copywriting, creating websites, graphic design, logo design you sell simply register and create a gig showcasing your expertise and people will buy your services. You can get paid by paypal, payoneer or wire transfer.


What are digital products? These are products we can’t touch but can see. Example includes, softwares, wordpress themes, ebooks, e.t.c. If you can code themes and plugins or create problem-solving ebooks you sell them on marketplaces like themeforest, codecanyon or on amazon. One benefit of selling digital products is that you don’t have to worry about home delivery. They simply make payment and you send them a download link via email.


You can create an automated affiliate shop like deal9jashopadvisor or Dealprice and make money selling jumia products. In 2015 Deal9ja owner made N100,000 from his affiliate shop and you too can make more. with a affiliate store you won’t go through stress of uploading any products, the website will be programmed to automatically fetch products from Jumia, It fetches every detail of the products including pictures, description, price, and every other info. An affiliateshop also has a blog integrated in case you would love to use it for blogging. In this affiliate shop all you need to do is to work on the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your site to get traffic which we will teach you. If you can take this affiliate store seriously you can save up money from it and start importing your own products from chinese sites like or and start selling your own products cheesy cheesy Am I making sense?? grin I personally own an affiliateshop which I’m planning to turn to an independent E-commerce store soon, this store is

Do you need any of these websites? CLICK HERE to contact us.

There are many so-called ways to make money online in Nigeria but some of these means are just to scam or waste your precious time but the above mentioned ways are realistic ways to make legit cash. Put some effort in these methods and you will be a headway soon. Do you have questions ask them below let’s treat it.


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